Halving your house moving costs

Post date: 26-Jan-2018 16:07:38

Most people will have to move house at some point in their lives. If you do everything for yourself - from packing, dismantling furniture, loading, packing the van if you have one (or hiring one), driving to your new address, offloading and going back for the second trip it'll take you most of the day (and evening) and you'll be exhausted by the time you finish. But the good news is, it'll cost you next to nothing. Or you could hire a removal company and pay a lot more. If you're hoping to move house but are on a tight budget and are moving from the South West London/Surrey area you could use or man and van service, which is a happy medium between these two extremes.

The cost of your move is determined by the amount of stuff you have and the time it takes to complete your move. If you follow this guide you could reduce the cost of moving house by 50%.

1. Getting packing boxes and packing

For as little as £60.50 you could get a 1 bedroom moving pack (20 boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, marker) from us our website or you could look on gumtree freebies and see if anyone is giving away used ones. You can also get used boxes at supermarket recycling boxes - Sainsbury's on Richmond Road in Kingston always has different sizes.

2. Disposing off unwanted furniture

People tend to accumulate stuff the longer they live at the same address. Moving provides a perfect opportunity to dispose off any unwanted items. For small items you might have to make a few trips to your council disposal site. For lager items you have a few options: if the furniture is usable, you could donate it to your local hospice or give it away on Freecycle.

3. Packing

You want to pack all the small items into boxes and protect with blankets, towells, sheets anything that's can't go into boxes.

4. Dismantling furniture

To the best of your ability, you want to dismantle furniture before the man and van turns up. If you're not confident in your ability, we can do this for you but it'll make the job take a lot longer and therefore cost you more.

5. Make sure there's a parking space

This is probably the most overlooked aspect of moving. But it could turn a 6 hour job into a 9 hour one. You want the van to be able to load from as close to your front door as possible without blocking the road and/or pavement. If parking is enforced on your road and you live you might be better off getting 2 bays suspended. If not you might have to use your own car to hold the parking space and move it when our van arrives.

If you follow this guide you'll have done a lot to make sure your move doesn't take too long to complete. All that'll be left is for our 2 men team and a van to do the actual house move.

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