We're Mr Removals, a New Malden based removals company that's been serving the Surrey and London area since 2005.

We provide a one stop moving service. With us, you'll get everything you need for your house move and we'll guide and advise you throughout the moving process, from the initial survey all to the actual moving day. No two moves are the same so we provide a bespoke service for every move including Storage, National Part Loads, Packing Materials, Packing.

1. The Survey

We'll send one of our experienced movers to conduct an on site survey to determine the amount of stuff you want to move and the manpower and the vehicle size that will be required to carry out your move and work out the amount of packing materials and or packing time it would take us to pack. This is also a good time to work out any parking arrangements that need to be made eg if parking suspensions are needed and how to go about arranging them. You probably have items you don't want to take with you to your new home so we'll advise you on how you should go about disposing off these in an environmentally friendly manner. The surveyor will collect as much information as possible before returning to our base and use our software to work out a quote and dispatch it to you as soon as possible. And all being well, you'll hopefully want us to carry out your move. And the first step is the packing:

2. Packing and Dismantling

Depending on your needs and/or budget you may choose to pack for yourself - in which case we can deliver the packing materials to your a few weeks before the day of the move and if you've had a survey, we'll know the amount of packing materials you need. Or you might want us to do the packing - in which case we bring the packing materials with us on packing day. We tend to pack a day before moving day but this is not always possible for some customers so we can always pack and move on the same day but this can always be discussed with us.

3. Moving

On moving day, the movers will arrive at your current address at 9am (unless a different time has been arranged) and start loading the vans. When everything has been loaded, the Team Leader will do a final sweep of the property with you to make sure that nothing has been missed before the vans proceed to the destination address. When access is granted at the destination address, our movers will unload items and place them in the rooms you direct them to, assemble furniture and do a final check with you again to make sure everything is where it needs to be. For jobs that are within 20 miles that do require no more than one trip, we hope to be done by 5PM but we'll do additional hours.

We provide more services including Storage, National Part Loads, Packing Materials, Packing.

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