What to do if you're moving house but don't want to pack

Post date: 11-Mar-2018 22:31:17

The short answer is: we can pack for you - whether you use our moving service or not.

Everyone has to move house at some point in their lives, and if you live in a letting in Greater London you'll move on average every 18 months. A lot of people hate moving mainly because they hate packing. I know this because some people try to skip packing altogether and expect us to just lift items naked and take them into the van. I can assure you that packing is necessary and here are a few why:

  • protects items from damage
  • speeds up the moving process (if we moved items as they are it would take days to complete the move)
  • it helps to maximise the cubic feet of space in the van by stacking up the boxes
  • helps save space at your new house by stacking the boxes as you unpack - most people need a few days to unpack.

We can bring the boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, sofa covers, mattress covers on the day of packing.

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